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How we move the dial

When you join Louder Than Ten, you’re not just learning about process. You’re building a framework for optimizing digital operations, running sustainable projects, and working better with your fellow humans.

Training, consulting, and courses

Old school meet new school

If you want to learn but also remember and apply what you learn, you need a mix of real-world experience and support with a steady flow of theory, practice, and application. A few videos or a soul-crushing boot camp won’t cut it. It takes months, not weeks or days to learn. This is how Louder Than’s training prepares you for tomorrow.

How Loud­er Than Ten stacks up

Not all edu­ca­tion is the same. Our training is designed from the ground up for impact, retention, and return on investment. See the criteria we use to measure a successful program and how it compares to other methods.

See the comparison

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Designed for digital

Our programs are developed from the ground up for digital agencies, product studios, and design shops. Working with content and pixels is different than working with bricks and steel. We make the invisible magical.

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Tailored to you

Our programs are customized for your company. Participants learn not only solid digital practices but how to adapt and apply them. Then they learn how to teach concepts back to their teams.

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Practicing the hard stuff

Most project management training focuses on tools and processes. While those are important, every training program we’ve explored skips the most important factor in running successful projects… people. Communication, getting alignment, and understanding people are core to every module we teach.

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Our topics make returns

We focus on project management operations because they are the connective tissue of your agency. They are also the most misunderstood and underappreciated pillars. Our modules target and improve financial health, team happiness, and client experience.

A gold record

Growing careers and companies

Good training improves skills. Great training grows careers. We teach participants how to plan their path in a way that helps your company grow.

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Invested in your team

Investing in your existing people costs less than hir­ing and pay­ing some­one who comes with more experience. It also beats hir­ing the wrong per­son or los­ing a senior to bore­dom. We teach you how to teach your teams and create educational organizations.

Elevating our community

It’s a lonely world out there for project leaders, and it can be difficult and down-right demoralizing to navigate tough projects and processes in isolation. Our community is critical for support, sharing ideas, and improving the industry.

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Diversity is power

Diver­si­ty isn’t a check­mark. It’s a com­mit­ment and it starts by distributing power. We build leaders and teams who are prepared to know when to take power, when to distribute it, and how to make room for the quietest (yet most powerful) voices in the room.

The Louder Than Ten ethos

The Louder Than Ten principles and perspectives of democratic project management and operations

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Training methods compared

Not all education is cut from the same cloth. This is why Louder Than Ten is one of the best.

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What a healthy digital agency looks like

The traits and qualities that define our most successful agency partners

Appren­tice­ships have a 90% reten­tion rate for employ­ment and 81% of con­sumers pre­fer to buy from busi­ness­es that pub­li­cize their Appren­tice­ship programme.

In an indus­try dri­ven by change, the [tech] skills gap is widen­ing and we are fac­ing a dig­i­tal skills cri­sis. With ever-increas­ing pres­sure from con­sumers, the demand is grow­ing all the time for new ser­vices and tech­nolo­gies — but with­out the trained pro­fes­sion­als to deliv­er. We believe that appren­tice­ships are key to this issue; help­ing busi­ness­es to build, train and devel­op a work­force from scratch. […] Because appren­tices are train­ing as they work, it’s a mutu­al­ly ben­e­fi­cial part­ner­ship. We often hear sto­ries of appren­tices teach­ing the more sea­soned employ­ees about the lat­est trends and reverse mentoring.

You want a call to action? Here it is...

As tech workers and company owners, we don’t have a lot of time left to fix our future. We are responsible for shaping how the digital world looks, acts, reacts, and shapes our communication. Investing in our future and the people creating it is our one shot to get it right.

Let’s rebuild the trust of our people.

Let’s show our clients that commoditized labour and cheap outputs aren’t the only options.

Let’s set an example of sustainability, diversity, inclusion, equality, and mutual respect.

Be brave and join us. Let’s set an example of what it looks like to build a better digital industry and a damn better world.

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