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ILVZ Estudio

A small but mighty designer-led studio bringing beauty to fruition in Puebla, Mexico

The ZGM team at the 2019 Anvil Awards


A powerful full-service marketing agency making waves from Calgary, Canada

Kevin and Lauren Deal working together on the couch in their home studio

Meet July Five Design

A brand new Black-owned digital agency flourishing at stellar PM practices

The 13-person Good Work team is all smiles, having dinner at a picnic table outside

Good Work

This mobile & web development teamā€™s process is just plain great.

ComĀ­parĀ­ing our busiĀ­ness before and after LT10 trainĀ­ing is like night and day. Before, I felt more inclined to microĀ­manĀ­age, because we lacked the processĀ­es in place for smooth projects. Trust was lackĀ­ing; I was worĀ­ried things would fall through the cracks, and I was always ready for that phone call from a client telling us how we messed up. Now, I donā€™t worĀ­ry about projects. Most of the time, I donā€™t even think about project manĀ­ageĀ­ment or the account serĀ­vice side of the busiĀ­ness in genĀ­erĀ­al. That frees me up to run our stuĀ­dio and focus on creĀ­ative ā€“ which is what Iā€™m supĀ­posed to be doing in the first place. Weā€™ve always exudĀ­ed conĀ­fiĀ­dence in our design, but now weā€™re conĀ­fiĀ­dent in our manĀ­ageĀ­ment as well. OverĀ­all, it makes our busiĀ­ness feel more legitĀ­iĀ­mate and makes me feel great about our investĀ­ment with LT10.

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