How we teach

Get a taste of how Loud­er Than Ten teach­es teams to make big oper­a­tional changes through project man­age­ment oper­a­tions training.

Systems-level teaching

We teach apprentices how to map their place within the system so they understand not only an intuitive way to run their projects, but how those project systems hook into the operational levers and dials of the organizations they work in. This understanding enables them to make big changes that have a lasting impact on their triple bottom line.

A cycle diagram listing the phases of the Project Lifecycle in the order of the sections mentioned in this page

“Nothing about us without us”

In democratic project management, everyone gets a say in how their projects unfold. We uphold the mid-century Latin principle “Nothing about us without us.” Apprentices learn how agility means self-led, autonomous teams who collaborate together effectively. All of our modules bake in democratic principles of project leadership, ownership, and equitable management. Apprentices not only run their projects and systems people first but learn how to do the work of dismantling oppressive systems that are rooted in old and inequitable business management practices. Frankly, we’re ushering in a paradigm shift around how we should work together.

In-depth spiral curriculum

We always circle back more deeply to the concepts we teach after laying the foundation. This way, students can grow their understanding as they work to deepen their context.

Engaging working sessions

We believe that for apprentices to learn, they have to be actively engaged in auditing and redesigning their project systems and in learning from each other. We deliver fun, engaging lessons made up of quizzes, check-ins, discussion, and concept workshops that give our cohorts a chance to work through their processes and workflows in real-time and evaluate ways to make actionable improvements. Our students learn and grow together—they lean on each other as peers for encouragement and a deeper understanding of the project management practice as a whole.

Watch a sample of how we teach

A quick class demon­stra­tion of dou­ble-blind estimation

How to price your projects for profitability

Powerful tools

Apprentices experiment with proprietary tools that help them understand how to create sustainable project estimates, scheduling tools that help them practice healthy buffers, and project management tools that help them refine their feature prioritization and ticket writing. Apprentices can practice their skills on a sample project and lean on actual project data if they prefer real-life applications.

We teach the soft and essential skills of project management through an exciting array of tools like:

Project hub, exercises, and goal tracking

Interactive white boarding

Resource Guru
Resourcing and capacity planning

Planning and forecasting

Proprietary estimation and rate tool

Nimber’s proprietary rate card calculator

Nimber’s pro­pri­etary rate card calculator

Vulnerable class check-ins

Every class starts with setting the stage. Psychological safety is baked right in. We’ll have students explore what went well for them that week, what they’re learning, and a tough situation they’re working through while asking how we can show up for each other in class and at work. They learn knowing they are safe to explore and ask tough questions.

Safe­ty is a pre­req­ui­site for learning

Helpful 1:1s

All apprentices have access to their trainer for helpful one-on-ones throughout the course. We start with baselines for KPIs and teach them how to hook those into the team and organization’s annual goals. Students can discuss ways to grow in project management, talk through difficult conversations, and walk through tricky project scenarios. We’ve seen students reset relationships by adapting their communication styles, they take the reins on difficult projects, and bump the rates on project budgets to account for risk.

A powerful student experience

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A community that has your back

You’re not just getting training, you’re getting an engaged, supportive community of apprentices, alumni, and trainers who care about you.

A unique training philosophy

Our training sits at the centre of project management, product leadership, operations, and democratic practice. With our support, your project leads will become the business leaders of tomorrow.

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