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Our consulting and custom training helps teams harmonize their process, projects, and people to create humane digital agencies

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Consulting and training that transforms agency teams forever

Advice? Of course. Plus, we get you results. Our clients typically report at least:

20% higher client value (take pressure off of sales)

30% increases to project efficiency (faster, more profitable projects)

20% increase in net profit (reinvest and grow your team)

We’ve worked with over two hundred 15–100 person shops and creative departments that specialize in design, web, apps, and marketing.

Transform your project operations systems with our custom training

Expert sessions and personalized 1:1s help your PM and delivery teams lock in client relationships, team dynamics, and project workflows.

Align your team for scalable project management and operations

Get expert guidance, real-world processes, clear metrics, and resources to free up space for overwhelmed teams and their leaders.

Real-time change with a dedicated trainer and supportive community

Our working sessions set you up for change next week, next month, and next year. Our community supports and uplifts you so you can action it.

We help digital agencies improve…

People and relationship skills

Client management

Team building

Stakeholder onboarding and management

Meetings and collaboration

Project and phase handovers

Financial skills

Team financial literacy

Connecting project health to financials

Metrics and reporting


Project budgeting

Project accuracy



Capturing scope creep

Managing risk and detecting red flags

Managing changes

Project management systems

Kick-off and onboarding processes

Waterfall, lean, agile, kanban, and hybrid methodologies

Project scheduling

Resourcing and capacity management

Project documentation

Designed for returns

Our project operations training and consulting can free up money to scale your agency and invest in your team

Move the sliders to match your agency and see what returns we think you can achieve with our project management operations consulting and training.

See our resource on how we increase profit

How we capture ROI for you

Ways that we increase revenue and decrease expenses

First priority: Improve project efficiency

Want to increase financial health? Start by controlling spending and improving project efficiency.

If your net profit margin is 10%, that means you spend 90 cents of every dollar you bill on expenses like labour and overhead. Put another way, you need to sell $10 to generate $1 in net profit.

If you want to make a $2 profit, you could sell $20… or you could save $1 in expenses while still selling $10. In other words, if you have a 10% profit margin, saving $1 on expenses is worth $10 in sales.

When you reduce expenses, you have a multiplier effect on savings. Save $1 on every project and you will notice $10–20 savings across your company each time. Save $1000 on every project and you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars for your company that can be redistributed back to your team or invested in company growth.

Common ways we increase agency efficiency:
  • Properly estimating projects (reduces labour overages)
  • Better requirements gathering (reduces meeting time)
  • Tighter handovers and approvals (reduces delays and labour)

Second priority: Increase agency revenue

Even though expense reductions have a bigger impact, don’t sleep on revenue increases. There’s only so much you can trim from expenses, but a well-trained team can generate significant high-margin revenue in unexpected places. Remember, higher revenue often comes with higher Costs of Goods Sold and labour, so we want to make sure our newly found revenue is at least as efficient as your existing work.

Common ways to increase agency revenue:
  • Converting scope creep into paid features
  • Upselling client accounts or retaining clients
  • Adding a new revenue stream or recurring monthly service
How to increase agency profitability

How to increase agency profitability

How process improvements impact your profit… and what you can do with the extra money

A red cross on a black background

What a healthy digital agency looks like

The traits and qualities that define our most successful agency partners

Agency Performance Metrics 101

Agency Performance Metrics 101

A free workshop with Marcel Petitpas, CEO of Parakeeto

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The time we spent work­ing and learn­ing with Loud­er Than Ten will con­tin­ue to guide us for the next few years. Rachel’s abil­i­ty to trans­late her PM knowl­edge into real teach­able moments gave us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reflect on our own prac­tices, both the good and the bad, with­out ever feel­ing like she was judg­ing us. She remained sup­port­ive and pos­i­tive through­out the entire process, cre­at­ing a trust­ing and safe space for my lead­er­ship team to learn and grow togeth­er. If you’re look­ing to part­ner with some­one who will leave you feel­ing smarter and more empow­ered to man­age any project sit­u­a­tion that comes your way, Loud­er Than Ten is the answer.

Out of the changes I imple­ment­ed, came a dras­tic increase in prof­itabil­i­ty. For projects that required a long-term engage­ment (min. 6 months), our new meth­ods of scop­ing, risk mit­i­ga­tion, and esti­ma­tion yield­ed an increase in prof­it up to 23%. For small­er main­te­nance tasks, I cre­at­ed a min­i­mum engage­ment amount, and in some cas­es, increased rev­enue by up to 463%. By cre­at­ing, sell­ing, and run­ning a new ser­vice offer­ing, I was able to gen­er­ate over $100,000 with­in the first 8 months.

Case studies

The OTM team


A Colorado digital marketing agency radically transforms their workflow and culture after partnering with Louder Than Ten


This seasoned agency makes digital transformations look easy

How it works

We teach and guide you in organizational design. Our unique combo of consulting and training means expertise and hands-on change. We don’t just deliver reports. We deliver results.

Step 1: Stop your project bleed outs

No, it’s not a resourcing or tool problem. Build unity and focus across the team and discover why tools come second.

  • Get crystal clear about your project pain—and future needs
  • Measure against a scorecard to set healthier targets
  • Dial your metrics and baselines so you can grow and sustain
  • Build a roadmap for tactical, operational changes that stick

Step 2: Tune-up your core operations

You can’t be healthy if your PMs keep burning out. Run healthy projects and processes with our custom training phase.

  • Free up to 20% of your time to work on the business, not in the weeds
  • Dial up your project and account profitability and increase repeat clients
  • Simplify approvals and handovers for smoother project systems

Step 3: Scale up your agency

You can’t keep talent if you don’t have a system that takes care of them. Shape your PM departments and leaders with our specialized coaching and programs.

  • We’ll train up your operations leaders to run the day-to-day and grow your company
  • We’ll help you hire, mentor, and protect your PMs from burnout as we teach you to scale your department
  • Let us coach and nurture your passionate PM and delivery teams

The Louder Than Ten ethos

The Louder Than Ten principles and perspectives of democratic project management and operations

How we teach

Get a taste of how Louder Than Ten teaches teams to make big operational changes through project management operations training.

Our consultants

Work­ing togeth­er to rein­vent how dig­i­tal com­pa­nies run

A portrait of Rachel Gertz


Director of Growth and Delivery, Consultant

Rachel Gertz is a Co-founder and Direc­tor of Deliv­ery and Growth at Loud­er Than Ten. She helps small to medi­um sized dig­i­tal agen­cies trans­form their dig­i­tal PM oper­a­tions through hands-on train­ing and con­sult­ing. Her mis­sion at Loud­er Than Ten is to pro­pel tech work­ers through an uncer­tain future by train­ing dig­i­tal com­pa­nies how to give pow­er to the peo­ple lead­ing their projects.

A portrait of Abby Fretz


Digital PM Trainer & Consultant

Abby is a PM Oper­a­tions con­sul­tant and train­er and Direc­tor of Prod­uct at Loud­er Than Ten. She’s pas­sion­ate about trans­form­ing PM teams at dig­i­tal agen­cies. She has taught hun­dreds of stu­dents and their agen­cies how to imple­ment eth­i­cal and sus­tain­able PM prac­tices, taught Dig­i­tal Project Man­age­ment class­es for Girl Devel­op It, guest lec­tured at Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts’ con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion pro­gram, co-chairs DPM Philly, and men­tors peo­ple inter­est­ed in enter­ing or hon­ing their craft in the field of dig­i­tal project management.

A portrait of Travis Gertz


Director of Operations & Design

Travis is a co-founder and Direc­tor of Oper­a­tions & Design at Loud­er Than Ten. He wants dig­i­tal work­ers to be as pas­sion­ate about work­place democ­ra­cy as they are about design sys­tems and devel­op­ment frameworks.

Our guarantee

We’re confident in our approach and know it works. We only take on clients we know we can help.

If you’re not completely happy with our approach within the first two weeks of our engagement, we’ll cancel it and refund your money.

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Frequently asked questions

What are project operations?

Project oper­a­tions or project man­age­ment oper­a­tions are the sys­tems that dic­tate how work moves through your dig­i­tal agency, how that work is com­mu­ni­cat­ed inter­nal­ly and exter­nal­ly, and how it affects your agen­cy’s financials.

How long is a project oper­a­tions con­sult­ing and train­ing engagement?

Our ini­tial diag­nos­tic phase is 2 – 6 weeks, depend­ing on your team size and the com­plex­i­ty of your sys­tems and processes.

The con­sult­ing and train­ing that fol­lows is parsed into 3 – 9 month engage­ments depend­ing on your bud­get, quan­ti­ty and sever­i­ty of issues we uncov­er in the diag­nos­tic, size of your agency, and the abil­i­ty for your agency to make change.

We’ll work with you to design a con­sult­ing and train­ing plan that tack­les your most impact­ful chal­lenges that work with the exist­ing dynam­ics of your agency.

Who is con­sult­ing and train­ing for?

Our project oper­a­tions con­sult­ing and train­ing is designed for 15 – 100 per­son dig­i­tal agen­cies, mar­ket­ing agen­cies, con­sul­tan­cies, and prod­uct stu­dios. Basi­cal­ly, if you are a small-to-medi­um team that builds dig­i­tal prod­ucts and ser­vices for clients, we can help.

Who will be my con­sul­tant and trainer?

Your con­sul­tant and train­er is a skilled dig­i­tal project man­ag­er, busi­ness own­er, and facil­i­ta­tor with years of agency and cre­ative team expe­ri­ence. Learn more about our team.

I don’t see my ques­tion here — who can I speak to?

If your ques­tion isn’t answered here or in our full FAQ, feel free to drop us a line at hello@​louderthanten.​com or call 18442040004 if you need urgent support.

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